How does your school do positive education? Tell us through #100DaysofPositivity.

Did you know that 85% of students in Dubai say they are happy? And do you know why? We believe it’s got a lot to do with how well schools in Dubai are learning and living positivity every day. To spread even more happiness and positivity in schools, we’ve got together with the UAE Minister of State for Happiness Ohood Al Roumi to bring you #100DaysofPositivity.

This new initiative is for schools, teachers, parents and students - designed to bring out the best teaching and learning from within, and to help embed positive education practices across all schools. Schools that take part may receive a visit from Minister Ohood Al Roumi, or the director general of KHDA, Dr Abdulla Al Karam.

To get involved, first make sure your school has read the UAE Declaration of Happiness and Positivity. Then, get on Twitter or Instagram and share text, images or videos of all the happy, funny, bright, weird, memorable and generally awesome examples of positive practice happening at your school. 

Don’t forget to use the hashtag #100DaysOfPositivity to make sure that others in the community can learn from what your school is doing. Whether it’s small acts that put smiles on faces, or larger projects that transform cultures, it all helps to show the benefits that positive education brings to students, teachers and parents.

Schools that complete the School of Hearts & Minds survey will have the benefit of data to make sure that their positivity plans best meet the needs of their students, teachers and parents. For schools, teachers and parents who want to know more about positive education, we’ve included a list of links to our local and international friends who are working to bring more positivity into the world.

When it comes to positivity – and to social media – the more, the merrier. Encourage your students, parents and teachers to post about your school’s positive practices so that we can share the love even more. We hope that what starts with #100DaysofPositivity will continue into a lifetime of happiness.

As part of the 100 Days of Positivity initiative we would like to encourage students to participate in the student positivity meter. Ask your students to click on this link and spend 15 seconds to answer three questions – once at the beginning of #100DaysOfPositivity and again at the end. Let’s see what difference one hundred days can make.

For inquiries please email info@khda.gov.ae.

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