#10WeekStreak - Summer Break 2017

Summer holidays are here! But just because you’re not going to school, doesn’t mean you can’t learn something new, right? Right?

So, dear students, we throw a challenge down before you. From Sunday July 2 to Thursday September 7 (that’s 10 weeks all up), we challenge you to learn or do one new thing each week. It doesn’t matter where you are – in Dubai, in Canada, in China or in space. You can learn or do anything you want – catch a fish using your bare hands, play an Ed Sheeran song backwards on the ukulele, or plank for 30 seconds while maintaining a genuine smile. Then, post a photo or a short video of yourself doing that activity on Twitter or Instagram using the #10WeekStreak hashtag. If you want to go one better, tag or mention five of your friends and challenge them to take part as well. If you do that once a week for ten weeks in a row, you’ll be in the draw to win an awesome prize at the beginning of the next school year.  (We don’t actually know what the prize is yet, so if you’ve got any ideas – which have to be awesome - please email us.)

In case you can’t think of exactly what you want to try, we’ve put together a list of ideas based on the 5 Ways to Wellbeing. If you’re the type who likes to plan ahead, we’ve even put together this non-conformist form to help you organise your activities and learning over the 10 weeks.

So that’s it! Do you accept the challenge? Well, do you? Time to start doing and learning, and posting! #10WeekStreak.

If you’ve got any questions, or if you’d like to send us lovely messages, please email us at socialmedia@khda.gov.ae.

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