Private Schools Permit Cancellation

Cancellation of Schools Permit Checklist

This is a guideline of the sample documents required when applying for this e-Service. Please login to the e-services for a full list of documentation.
Phase 1
  • Application for educational services permit
  • Undertaking from the permit holder to submit all the required documents mentioned below to the Regulations and Compliance Commission at KHDA taking into consideration one academic year as a notice period for school closure 
  • Notarized written decision signed by the permit holder about the closure of the school 
  • Written commitment from the permit holder to provide seats for the students in coordination with other schools 
  • Draft communication addressed to the parents about the  school closure giving them options of students transfer 
  • Undertaking from the permit holder to confirm clearing all benefits and dues to employees and workers at the school before the end of the academic year 
  • Provide KHDA with the status of the school building after closure
Click here to know more about the process of cancellation a permit. Do not hesitate to contact our team if you require any further clarification.

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