Private Schools Permit Cancellation

Cancellation of Schools Permit Checklist

How to cancel your Educational Services Permit 
This is an overview of the process to cancel your Educational Services Permit using the e-Service Portal.
In the unlikely event a school cannot continue operation, the request for permit cancellation must be submitted one academic year prior to the intended closure date.

Permit holders should:

  1. Provide notice one academic year prior to the scheduled closure. 
  2. Submit a written explanation regarding the closure signed by the permit holder.
  3. Coordinate with other schools to provide seats for enrolled students.
  4. Confirm that all benefits and dues to school workers and employees are cleared.
  5. Provide KHDA with a status report of the school building after closure.
  • The school should also provide KHDA with a draft of the parent communication addressing the closure for review. Once the school pays the service fee of AED 5.000, the cancellation process is complete and a NOC will be issued.
This process requires 10 working days.

Do not hesitate to contact our team if you have any questions.

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