Choosing a University or College

Choosing A University or College

Once you have decided what field of study you are interested in, we recommend that you consider the following points when selecting a university or college:

University programmes often have similar names, but may have different specializations and contain a different selection of courses. Find out more about the programmes that interest you, and consider the variety of courses that you will need to take. You will also need to consider the entry criteria. Click here to search for university programmes in Dubai.

Future career prospects
Think about the type of careers the university programme will lead to. Ask about the jobs that recent graduates have obtained. Does the institution have an internship programme where you can apply skills you have learnt to real life situations? Does the institution have a career service to help you build a resume and train you for job interviews?

Facilities and campus life 
A key aspect of a university is the facilities it offers, such as lecture areas, library, careers service, and sports and leisure facilities. A visit to the university campus to meet some of the students is a good way of assessing and understanding the facilities and other aspects of campus life. The availability of student accommodation may also be an important factor in your decision.

We also recommend that you read the following publications, as they will give you more information on the higher education landscape in Dubai.

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