FAQs for Regulations on Early Childhood Centres in the Emirate of Dubai


PDF icon  Executive Council Resolution No. (35) of 2020 Regulating Early Childhood Centres in the Emirate of Dubai

  1. What are the main articles covered in the Resolution?

    The Resolution aims to:

    - Ensure the quality of provision in the early childhood education and care sector, in line with the best international practices.
    - Ensure that the outcomes of the Early Childhood Education and Care sector are up to date with the strategies adopted in Dubai.
    - Encourage and consolidate the basic principles and concepts of society in early childhood, by raising responsible children in a tolerant and equitable society.
    - Support the ECEC sector to achieve high quality educational outcomes for a generation capable of learning.
    - Develop the abilities and skills of children with special abilities and people of determination.
    - Regulate the provision of early childhood education and care in the Emirate in a manner that preserves children’s rights.
    - Ensure the recruitment of qualified staff with specialised experience and skills.

  2. Will KHDA regulate all private Early Childhood Centres in Dubai?

    Yes, KHDA will be responsible for regulating all private ECCs in Dubai that have educational licenses for children aged 0-6. This is in coordination and cooperation with our partners in local and federal authorities.
    For more information, please visit www.khda.gov.ae/en/regulations.

  3. Where can parents find information to help them choose the right ECC for their child?

    The KHDA website includes a directory to help parents choose the right ECC for them. Parents can search by fees, services and location. Please visit www.khda.gov.ae.

  4. How can parents register their child in private ECCs in Dubai?

    Each ECC has its own processes for registration. Generally, children should be within the age category specified in the resolution and have a valid Emirates ID. For more information, please contact your preferred centre directly.

  5. What procedures should ECCs take to amend conditions and obtain an educational permit from KHDA?

    Existing ECCs can visit the KHDA E-services portal to register and obtain an education permit. Link to portal: www.khda.gov.ae/portal/?lang=en#/page/login

  6. Do ECCs require KHDA approval for activities outside of school hours or during holidays?

    Yes. Any activity requires KHDA approval according to the law.

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