FAQs for Early Childhood Centres’ Permits in Dubai


Last updated: 08:45 AM – 01 August 2021

  1. To renew our permit, do we need to submit a new Education and Care plan?

    You will be required to submit an Education and Care Plan for only the first permit renewal with KHDA. Subsequent renewals won’t require a new Education and Care plan. You can submit your request for a template for the Education and Care Plan to ECC@khda.gov.ae.

  2. Do we need to complete a new Education and Care Plan if we add a new age group to our ECC? If so, where can we find this document?

    If you wish to add a new age group, please email ECC@khda.gov.ae to request the Education and Care Plan Elements form. (Please note this is different to the Education and Care Plan form needed to renew your permit.) Once we review your plan and provide feedback, your permit will be updated.

  3. What documents does KHDA require when we hire new staff?

    Please send the candidate’s CV, passport copy, and copy of relevant qualifications to ECC@khda.gov.ae. KHDA will then provide an appointment letter to complete the process.

  4. How do we register a Local Service Agent (LSA)?

    This is considered a Shareholders amendment. Please request an application form by writing to ECC@khda.gov.ae. You must also submit the initial approval from the relevant commercial authority for this amendment. Once all documents are submitted and the application is reviewed, KHDA will issue a NOC.

  5. Do we need approval to advertise our ECC on social media? What's the process and how long will it take?

    Yes, all advertisements must be approved by KHDA. Please send the proposed advertisement to ECC@khda.gov.ae. Within 3 working days we will provide approval that is valid for three months.

FAQs- Preventing the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) at Early Childhood Centres in the Emirate of Dubai

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