Healthy and Happy School Award (H2 School Award)

Healthy and Happy School Award (H2 School Award)

Sky Blue Team initiative

H2 School Award Winners


The Healthy and Happy School Award is designed by a cross governmental team to recognize schools that are focusing on students’ well-being and to raise awareness about the importance of happiness and well-being for the future success of each and every student. 


  1. Recognize schools that are working to create a healthy environment for their students) i.e. healthy eating, active living and positive environment) through facilitating and actively participating in initiatives and campaigns.
  2. Raise awareness about the importance of well-being among school staff and students. 
  3. Highlight successful and innovative practices across different schools.
  4. Raise awareness on variety of services offered by different government entities that can be used by schools, such as: health campaigns, free check-ups, sports activities; etc.


  1. The Healthy and Happy (H2) School Award: The award will got to the school that demonstrates and provides evidence on the following: 

    a. Healthy Eating: Foster an environment that supports and encourages making healthy food choices, and limits the availability of unhealthy foods on campus. The winner will be able to provide detailed information on catering and dining facilities, student testimonials, partnership case studies, and overall development. 

    b. Holistic Living: Holistic living is at the core of the school culture. It provides a range of physical and mindfulness activities that are implemented within the day and after school. The schools tracks and monitors the progress of its students from activation to present day. 

    c. Positive Working and Studying Environments: Creates an environment to support social-emotional learning where every child is physically safe, emotionally secure and psychologically enabled to learn and grow.

  2. Star of the community: This school will make the activities provided to their students also available to their staff, parents, and general community.
  3. Most innovative school in implementing health and well-being programs: school that achieved its target by implementing out-of-the-box practices and ideas (the school will need to provide evidence that the innovative programs implemented worked).

Submission Details and Evaluation Criteria
Submission details 
Schools applying for the award will need to apply for the award by the end of the first week of May (no later than Thursday, May 19th). Winning schools will be announced on 5th of June 2016.

Submission format
The submission can be no longer than a 3 minute video uploaded on Vimeo/YouTube or a Prezi presentation. Links to be sent to team along with a 200 word introduction. 

Evaluation Criteria
Balanced approach: the winning school showed advanced practices in all the three specifications and have received an equal amount of attention and focus.

Innovation: the school attempted and introduced different and innovative practices to promote well-being among its students.

Results: the impact of each practice in each of the three areas are measured using a particular tool (i.e. Good Move Dubai or any other activity measure (school participation in tournaments leagues, after school clubs, happy hearts survey results, or any other similar measures for schools that did not participate), inspection findings item 2.1.3 and 2.1.4 from the Unified Inspection Framework and progress was shown based on these practices.

All submissions will be evaluated by an international, specialized jury.

Aysha Albusmait

Emirati writer and poet , she holds a doctorate in media from Cario University, A media Emirati member of the union of the Emirati Writers, Versions: "Lady recent rejection" which was released in 1995, "the return of Scheherazade". In addition to a set of briefing books.


Talib Bin Hashim

Dubai based entrepreneur, Workforce nationalization expert and founder of TBH consultancy , He is also Managing Director and founder of Dubai based recruitment consultancy Next Level which has been helping local job seekers in the UAE find suitable jobs since 2006. has been instrumental in advising senior managers on some of their most pressing human capital and workforce issues, holds a Master’s Degree in Strategic Project Management, and he is passionate about high impact entrepreneurship, leadership, and martial arts.


Wafaa Ayesh

Director of the clinical nutrition department at the Dubai Health Authority Dr. Wafaa Helmi Ayesh is the Director of Clinical Nutrition Department for Dubai Health Authority-Dubai. She has completed her B.Sc in Public Health/Nutrition from medical Allied Sciences Yarmouk University, Jordan in 1985 and thereafter done her Masters in Food Science and Nutrition from Clayton University –USA in 2003.She has The European ESPEN Diploma from European Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism - France on 8 September 2010. Dr.Wafaa is a part time lecturer in the Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, Sharjah University-UAE from 2006 till date. She is one of the founders of sweet kids group 2003 in UAE, a member in Friend for Diabetes in UAE, ASPEN (American Society of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition), ESPEN (European Society of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition), ADA (American Diebetics Association), International Diabetic Dietetics Association, International Dietitians Leadership Management Association, International Obesity Dietetics Association and more. Dr. Wafaa is also one of the members in the DHA committees for JCI accreditation.


Tay Lai Hock

Lai Hock is the Founder and President of the Ground-Up Initiative. Lai Hock is most passionate about motivating people to contribute towards humanitarian and environmental causes. He has led and managed humanitarian projects in Thailand, Mongolia, China and three flood relief missions in Malaysia. Ground-Up Initiative (GUI) is a volunteer-driven, non-profit community organisation that connects people with nature. At its large Kampung Kampus in Singapore, students of all ages are given the opportunity to help nurture nature and experience learning in what is best described as a ‘living classroom’. This innovative approach means that children are helping to build the community through sustainable development, while following GUI’s five pillars of teaching and learning- Gracious, Green, Giving, Grounded and Grateful.

Justine Bain

Sandy Seeds founder Justine Bain, is a mother to three children and numerous rescue animals and Justine brings more than 15 years of experience in health, well-being and stress management to our Saturday Club. Her team offers children’s outreach programmes covering food education, children's Yoga, age appropriate mindfulness/meditation classes and gardening. Not only that, she runs in-house training for qualified teaching staff, is a certified Yoga therapist, children's Yoga teacher, Reiki Master, holistic health counselor and a Jamie Oliver Food Revolution Ambassador.

Jak Boumans

Jak Boumans is based in The Netherlands. After his study on philosophy, he started his career in the publishing industry, specializing in digital media and content. In 1990 he launched a private consultancy Electronic Media Reporting. He has published books and wrote contribution for national and international newspapers and magazines. He has conducted workshops and has chaired e-government conferences. He teaches digital media in colleges, stressing the social and ethical use. He was one of the jury members of the first World Summit Award Jury, held in Dubai in 2003. In 2008 he was one of the speakers in the conference on disabled persons in Sao Paolo.

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