KHDA’s Open Data

KHDA’s Open Data

As part of the implementation of the Government of Dubai’s Open Data initiative, KHDA has released data on education institutions and the education system as a whole. The aim of the Open Data program is to make data accessible to researchers, investors and service developers and to create opportunities for collaboration, innovation and entrepreneurship.

All Open Data, available on KHDA Website, are not intended for profit. Users are requested to be aware of policy of usage as per Dubai government guidelines, in order to know any updates.

Our Responsibility:

  1. KHDA allows access to items available through Open Data and grants the right for others to make use of the items free of charge.

  2. KHDA is not responsible for any damages resulting from the use or misuse of Open Data items published on the Website. KHDA does not guarantee the continued availability of any data items.

  3. KHDA will ensure that the release of data items will respect the privacy and confidentiality of information pertaining to students or other members of the education and human development sectors.

  4. KHDA does not assume any responsibility to the users of Open Data items whatsoever.

Data Usage Conditions:

  1. Users of Open Data are fully responsible for the re-use of data items published on KHDA’s Website.

  2. Users must not alter the original Open Data or their source.

  3. Users are not permitted to use the data for political purposes, supporting illegal activities, or any other activity that has a negative impact on culture or the traditions of Dubai or the UAE.

  4. Users must attribute KHDA as the source of the data.

Open Data

Dubai’s Private Schools Open Data
Last update: March 2019

Dubai’s Private Higher Education Institutions Open Data
Last update: 18/04/2018


KHDA was established by Decree 30/2006 with a mandate to develop all knowledge and human resources in Dubai. Below are decrees and other KHDA regulations.
General Laws and Regulations
Federal Law No. 3 of 2016 on child rights (Wadeema's Law)
File Size: 228 KB
Executive Council Resolution No. (47) of 2014 Concerning Payment by Instalments of Fines Payable to Government Entities in the Emirate of Dubai.  
File Size: 566 KB
Decree No. 23 of 2008 Appointing Members of the Board of Directors of KHDA.  
File Size: 124 KB
Executive Council Resolution No (38) of 2007 Establishing Dubai School Inspection Bureau (DSIB)) & Executive Council Resolution No (39) of 2007 Appointing the Chief of DSIB
File Size: 849 KB
Decree No. 44 of 2006 Appointment Decree of KHDA Director General
File Size: 92 KB
Law No 30 of 2006 Establishing KHDA - English
File Size: 90 KB
Higher Education Institutions Regulations
Administrative Resolution No. (1) of 2013 Issuing the Implementing Bylaw of Executive Council Resolution No. (21) of 2011 concerning Higher Education Institutions in the Free Zones in the Emirate of Dubai.
File Size: 405 KB
Executive Council Resolution No. (37) of 2012 Amending Resolution No. (21) of 2011. 
File Size: 280 KB
Executive Council Resolution No. (21) of 2011 - Concerning Higher Education Institutions based in free zone of the Emirate of Dubai. 
File Size: 130 KB
Training Institutions Regulations
Executive Council Decision No 50 of 2015 Concerning regulating Training Institutes in the Emirate of Dubai.
File Size: 2.39 MB
The Board of Knowledge and Human Development Authority in Dubai Order No. (1) of 2013 for classification and description of Training Activities that are allowed to be conducted by the Training institutes in the Emirates of Dubai.
File Size: 3 MB
Private Schools Regulations
Dubai inclusive education policy framework
File Size:  3 MB
The audio version of Dubai inclusive education policy framework
File Size:  362 MB
Executive Council Resolution No. (2) of 2017 Regulating Private schools in the Emirate of Dubai.
File Size:  509 KB
General FAQ about the Executive Council Resolution No (2) of 2017 for the Legal Framework for Private Schools in Dubai
Schools Fee Framework
File Size: 298 KB

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