Keeping education community safe: Preventing the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) at schools in Dubai


Last updated: 07:30 PM – 23 August 2021

Frequently Asked Questions - Schools

Academic year 2021/22

PDF icon  Protocols for reopening of Private Schools in Dubai – 22 August 2021

What are the major changes in the health and safety protocols for the 2021/22 academic year?

The major change for the new academic year is that all students must be back at school for face-to-face learning by October 3, except in exceptional circumstances.

Provided they comply with health and safety protocols, the following activities may also resume:

  • Swimming and sports lessons
  • School trips, excursions and camps
  • After-hours extra-curricular activities
  • Performances, assemblies and other events at school or at an external venue

We continue to live in uncertain times, and the relaxation in restrictions is a privilege. To continue to enjoy these freedoms throughout the academic year, it is crucial that students, parents and school staff fully comply with the protocols at all times.


Can students continue with distance learning this academic year?

From the start of the academic year until September 30, parents will have the choice of distance learning or face-to-face learning for their children. From October 3rd 2021, all teaching and learning at Dubai private schools will be face-to-face only. After this date, students who wish to continue with distance learning must provide a medical certificate issued by Dubai Health Authority. Class groups or grade/year levels may temporarily switch to distance learning if positive cases of Covid-19 are detected. 


Does the 1.5-metre physical distancing still apply at schools?

From this academic year, one-metre distancing is recommended. Schools must take appropriate precautions to ensure that students and teachers stay physically distanced where possible.

Are face masks compulsory in the new academic year?

Yes. Students older than six years, staff and visitors to schools must continue to wear face masks.


Can swimming and sports lessons take place?

Yes, swimming and sports can go ahead. Changing rooms and sports areas will be sanitised after each group of students. All health and safety protocols must be followed according to Dubai Health Authority and Dubai Sports Authority guidelines.


What kind of events can resume at school?

Assemblies, performances, rehearsals and events can take place, in line with Dubai Health Authority guidelines.

Can schools organise events in external venues?

Yes, schools can organise events in external venues. All relevant health and safety protocols must be followed.


Will buses run at full capacity?

Yes, buses may run at fully capacity, provided they comply with health and safety protocols around sanitisation and ventilation, among others.

How will my child be kept safe at school?

Schools will still follow thorough Dubai Government health and safety protocols. Similar to last academic year, these will include guidance on sanitisation, teaching and learning materials, and external visitors to the school. The full protocols are available here.


Is it compulsory for school staff and students older than 16 to have a Covid-19 vaccine?

Vaccination is not compulsory. Eligible school staff who do not wish to have the vaccine must submit a negative PCR test each week. Students are not obliged to submit negative PCR tests.

  Frequently Asked Questions for the schools for the academic year 2020-2021 (Archived)

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