The School of Hearts & Minds Survey

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The start of 2016 saw us introduce a ground-breaking initiative to measure students’ happiness at schools in Dubai. The survey has since been expanded to include parents and teachers. In 2017 the School of Hearts & Minds survey featured 103,000 responses from 162 schools.

This academic year (2018/19) the focus will be on wellbeing. Therefore the parent survey has been updated to focus on providing parent’s perspective on the wellbeing of their children. Along with the School of Hearts & Minds surveys, KHDA is conducting its second year of the Dubai Student Wellbeing Census (DSWC), and this year (2018) the student Census has been expanded to measure the wellbeing of senior students, thus covering all students in Grades 6-12 (Years 7-13) at private schools in Dubai. Therefore, the previous grade 10-12 School of Hearts and Minds student survey will no longer be active as it has been replaced by the DSWC.

Continuing our focus on wellbeing, this year (2018) we have replaced the KHDA Teacher Survey with the Adult@School Wellbeing Survey, which measures the wellbeing of all adults at school.

Your participation in the School of Hearts and Minds survey and KHDA’s other related wellbeing surveys will play a key role in the power of positive education and creating a school environment in which all of its members can flourish.

Parent Survey

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